Our experienced Orthodontic  team at Melbourne Smile Centre  can provide a range of  treatment for patients  including traditional  braces,   Invisalign and early intervention appliances.  We use the latest technologies and orthodontic treatment options to give you a beautiful, straight smile that you can be proud of.  Melbourne Smile Centre can also help you correct pain and other problems associated with crooked teeth and overcrowded teeth.

Orthodontic Braces are good choice for adolescents and adults requiring teeth straightening for aesthetic or medical reasons.   This orthodontic treatment involves the patient being fitted with metal braces that work to slowly reposition teeth over time. Metal  braces  are usually worn for 1 to 2 years with regular adjustment appointments.

We also offer ceramic braces which are a good choice if you would rather your braces less noticeable.

Invisalign is also offered – this is an orthodontic system which uses a series of aligners which are removable and changed regularly as the teeth are straightened.

Whichever orthodontic course of treatment you chooses the result will be a beautiful straight smile.

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